Foolproof Steps To Increase Your Confidence 

In my previous post I discussed how our confidence fluctuates throughout our lives and even throughout each day. I explained how to figure out the core problem behind  why we lack self esteem. 

In this post, I will be helping you with ways you can increase your confidence and get over the core problem. 

To work on your confidence, you need to treat it like a skill. And just like any skill, it’s something that can be learned and improved gradually. There are things you need to understand, and then there’s practical steps that you need to take. Now without further ado, let’s get into the steps that will cover all of this: 

Go Easy On Yourself!

Have you made mistakes which you’re embaressed about or regret? Bravo. It means you’re not an alien. You’re human, and the term ‘mistake’ is a fancy word for experience. I won’t tell you to let it go and forget about the mistakes you’ve made. Because you shouldn’t forget. You should remember. But not the mistake itself, you should remember the experience you gained from it. The way it changed you. The lessons it taught you. The new things it exposed you to, even if those things were tough, it made you wiser and stronger. So chin up, and go easy on yourself with a deliberate effort to take lessons from your mistakes.

Is the little voice in your head giving you a hard time? Tell it to shut up. Okay, I know its not as easy as that. It’s stubborn. But you can be too. Everytime it feels the need to bombard you with it’s pointless opinions, think of things about yourself which are the opposite of what it’s saying. I’m dumb. Apparently. Charming but I juggle housework, a 9-6 job and a new blog alone. Oh looky looky. The voice has shut up. You get the picture! Focus on your positives and learn from your shortcomings. 

Spring Clean The Toxicity

Remove toxic things from your life. Period. They dont need to be there. And you don’t need them there. Whether it’s things, or even people. Wave them bye bye forever. What is toxic for you? It is anything that drags you down and makes you feel limited and worthless. It could be your job…narcissistic boss anyone? It could be your unhealthy diet. It could be a ‘friend’ whose actually a terrible influence. Your life will forever be stagnant, dull yet overbearing if you let toxic things remain. Cut them out. 


I have to put my hand up for this one. You know, working those extra hours at work to get that project properly done and finished. Or, adjusting the frame on the wall five times before feeling satisfaction. Well that’s a silly example (I’ve done this!) but you know where I’m going. Often times we’re too idealistic, or pressure ourselves to do something as perfectly as possible because we worry about what people will think and say if we ‘fail’ to hit the mark. Don’t be so over meticulous that you just tire yourself out. 

Well, Hello There..

Make an effort to look good. Groom yourself and dress well. Now I don’t mean this to sound superficial. Rather, I mean this from a perspective of practicing self love where you make an effort for yourself. Not for the world, but for yourself. You will automatically feel more confident. A simple change like this will subconsciously make you display a confident vibe. If you look good, you feel good. 

Go Out, Get Out

Expose yourself to social situations. Declining the invitation to a party because you rather stay at home with a book? Can’t blame you. I prefer that too. But at times, just go. Forcing yourself to be in a social situation can feel uncomfortable at first if you’ve accustomed yourself to avoid social gatherings. But slowly you will feel more relaxed around people. The apprehensions that you hold about showing your personality, sharing your opinions and not fitting in, are all different branches of the same tree whose roots is fear. And just like any form of fear, it can only be overcome when you force yourself to expose yourself to it. This is admittedly the hardest step. Yet if you can do it, it’s the most powerful one. This one will slowly but undoubtedly change your level of confidence. This step also goes back to my previous post, because that core problem you had behind all your fears will be tackled by following this step. If like me it was bad memories, then those memories will nonetheless still be there, however they will no longer hold any power to control you. 

Learn To Say No

The majority of people who lack confidence, find it very difficult to say no to requests and favours. They don’t want to lose friends. They don’t want to upset anyone or look selfish. They ultimately put other people’s needs and feelings before their own because other people’s opinions matter to them a great deal. So you see them doing so many things for others and by the end of it, they are always overworked, stressed, exhausted and fed up. 

Saying no sometimes isn’t selfish. It’s absolutely fine and correct if you know that you’ve already got too much on your plate, or you’ve got other plans for yourself. It’s being assertive and respecting your needs and boundaries. Politely say no and explain why you can’t help them. Any decent person will understand and for anyone who doesn’t, it shows their ignorance and lack of understanding. For the latter kind, please refer back to my point about toxic people and things! 

Building On Your Personality

Introduce more changes to your life gradually. If you don’t have a hobby already, then find one, and if you had a hobby which you stopped doing, start it again. Hobbies build character by teaching you skills in a enjoyable and productive way. If you’ve been procrastinating with things like exercising, then now is the time to introduce it into your life. Infact, set yourself a mini goal and then accomplish it. Keep it simple and fun so that you don’t burn yourself out with a unnecessary hard expectation. For example, if you’re interested in starting yoga, then set a goal of starting and perfecting one pose with perfect form. Once you’ve accomplished it, start another goal, but this time slightly more challenging. 


Travelling and exploring new places, new sceneries and different cultures is fascinating and invigorating to your mind and soul. Not only is it a great excuse for a holiday, but observing and learning other cultures and languages is a sure fire way of increasing your confidence. You’re general knowledge about places and people will increase, and you’ll be communicating with a range of people. 

Stay In The Middle 

Balance is key. There are two ends to the spectrum here. One, which is lacking confidence, and on the other end there is over confidence. Always remain grounded throughout this transitional period by remaining in the middle of this spectrum. Never let yourself fly from one extreme only to land on the other. The key is to remember your abilities, but never forget your capabilities. 

There you have it folks. Productive steps to gradually increase your self confidence and esteem. 


11 thoughts on “Foolproof Steps To Increase Your Confidence 

    1. Thankyou! We’ve all been there at some point in our life, where we feel our confidence dropping. I’m glad you found this post helpful.

  1. This is a cracking and helpful post to many and particularly introverts like myself.
    Just to share my own experience on the matter of confidence. I like to think of myself as a very confident person – generally speaking. This has not always been so. I identified areas I wasn’t very confident in, for example public speaking and took steps towards gaining confidence in that area. As you already mentioned, facing the area you want to have increased confidence in head-on is a good start. I also personally find that reading and working out boosts my confidence.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! It always makes me feel delight when readers share their experiences as I always envisaged my blog to be a place of influence and inspiration from everyone who reads it. And yes, facing your fears and doing what you lack confidence in, not only increases your confidence in that area, but it makes you keen towards facing all your other fears too. Reading increases intellect, therefore improving your understanding of things, therefore also having more to initiate conversations with. Exercise makes you feel good, and if you feel good, everyone taps on to that vibe you send out. Excellent points you have mentioned!

  2. Hi, this is a great post. Now that I’m reading it, I realise that I’ve personally been in some of the situations like forcing myself to socialise, grooming myself to feel better, being kind to myself, trying to say no in a nicer way, and so on. Thank you!
    I’m glad you liked my blog and thank you for the follow. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Thank you for reading this post and I’m very glad that you could relate to it!

      And you’re absolutely welcome, I’m loving the recipe posts that you have and will be trying out a few for sure. 🙂

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