Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is an option that is chosen when hope, faith, trust, and love are no longer experienced in a persons life. It is when these pillars of the heart that every human being needs, and has a right to both experience and share, is destroyed. When dreams fade and optimism feels like sheer mockery. Anger followed by misery. Confusion transitioning into a numb indifference.
September. The national suicide prevention month.
A person who has never been suicidal, or has not experienced knowing someone in that situation, will often be unable to understand the sheer complexity and severity of what goes through an individuals mind that has pushed them to this breaking point.

And so, it is absolutely incumbent, that we as a society, educate ourselves on this issue, and reach out to those who need it. Because every 40 seconds, someone in this world has committed suicide. 

Know Someone?

Please reach out to anyone who you think may be contemplating suicide. Listen to their experiences, feelings and traumas, and let them share it with you in their own pace, in their own way. Don’t question, criticise or judge what they say. Being misunderstood and not heard out is one of the reasons why they are so damn fed up with life and people. Get them the help they need. Whether it’s their GP or a counsellor.

Are Someone?

Life. Can be special. Can be horrible. Can be beautiful. Can be unbearable. But no matter what it is for you currently , or has been in the past, it is crucial to know the fact that life, is nothing but a series of phases. Time is ever changing. Pain evolves into peace and vice versa. Hold on, how you have been holding on. And reach out to any single person who you can trust. If you really feel that you can’t trust anyone that you know, then reach out to a suicide prevention organisation. Whether it’s a phone call or even through an email. Fight, for yourself.

Here are links to suicide prevention organisations and charities that I recommend everyone checks out:

Please do comment below and share your experiences and advice. ❤️


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