Top 5 Books I Recommend On Depression

Books are a form of distraction, and a proactive habit that can alter your way of thinking, by exposing you to journeys, stories and advice. Below I have recommended books (in no particular order) which are best sellers, have been reviewed and raved about, and which successfully touch on a subject which is as delicate, as is silently enormous: Depression. 

  1. Depression Is A Liar

Depression is a liar is a memoir of the author Danny Baker, who for years was up against depression. It led to many more struggles such as alcoholism, medicine induced psychosis, and frequent hospitalisations. However his book isn’t just about his experience, it reaches out to all those who are suffering from depression, and teaches them how to overcome and battle it. It goes further by advising those who have loved ones suffering from it but aren’t sure how to reach out to them. An international mental health bestseller, it should be a definite read for everyone.

     2.  Reasons To Stay Alive 

Reasons To Stay Alive is an award winning book and the Sunday Times paper bestseller. It is Matt Haig’s memoir on how he dealt with depression at just 24 years of age. Emotional honesty, yet packed with humour and encouragement; Reasons To Stay Alive will leave you wanting to truimph over your depression no matter what. 

      3.  The Depression Cure

This is a book that will have your curiousity piqued. It is based on a step by step action plan on both coping and hopefully treating depression. The knowledge shared by the author, for this plan to be executed by the reader, is what makes this book quite unique. Written by Dr Steve Ilardi, who is an associate professor and a psychologist at the University of Kansas, USA, he focuses on six lifestyle aspects that if changed and honed, can slowly bring about transformation into ones life in a positive and profound way.

      4. Depression And Other Magic Tricks 

This is quite different to the rest of the books I’ve recommended on this post. As it actually comprises of poetry expressing the magnitude and complexity of suffering from depression. It is written by Sabrina Benaim, one of the most viewed performance poets out there. This book is eye opening for those not experiencing it, yet comforting and bringing about unity between all those who fight it daily. I highly recommend having a read.

      5.  Making Friends With Depression

Now this is a special little book. The most different self help book on depression. While they all say to fight it..this book takes on a diffferently unique approach on dealing with the struggles, the emotions and the anxiety. How do you make peace with these riveting emotions? How can you ‘be friends’ with the struggle? Well this book says you can, and tells you exactly how that is possible. Written by Sarah Rayson and Katie Harrison, two more bestselling authors of the Sunday Times paper. They team up with Dr Patrick Fitzgerald, who weighs in with his clinical approach, while Sarah and Katie share approaches from their own experiences.

These are the top 5 books I recommend on depression. If anyone has read any of these books, then let me know in the comments what you thought of it. And if you have any recommendations, then again, comment below!


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