Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”.

– Joseph Cambell

To have a passion, is to live life to the fullest. With the energy and the zeal to fully enjoy each day. To wake up and do what you love and what motivates you.

But sometimes we can feel like we’re stuck in a phase where we can’t seem to figure out what it is that gets our heart pumping.  We don’t know where we’re going and where we want to be.

Here are 6 steps to help you find your passion:

1. Look back at your life up and till now. What have you enjoyed doing. What hobbies did you have and still have? What gave you a sense of joy and excitement?

2. Write it all down and then see if you notice a pattern. Are there things which you’ve written which are the same, or are similar? You might realise you’ve been doing certain things again and again at different stages of your life without realising.

3. Experiment. Do some soul searching. Join classes, try new things, learn new skills. Increase your knowledge in different areas and subjects. Enriching your mind with vast knowledge will undoubtedly reveal something that enthralls you. The more you increase in new skills and hone on your existing skills, the better the chance of you discovering your passion. Remember that ‘knowledge is power’. And knowledge demonstrated through action is the greatest form of this power. 

4. Look for inspiration. If you have a role model, then observe their life from their early days. What was their journey and how did they become who they are? What kind of obstacles did they face and what kept them going? Also, why are they your role model in the first place? The very fact that there are reasons as to why you admire them, might in itself be the clue needed to take you a step closer to discovering yourself. For example: if your role model is a successful business person, you may admire them for their success and their highly influential presence. This may be because you are in fact entrepreneurial, and deep down you’ve always wanted to start your own business.

5. Give yourself ten minutes to visualise what your ideal life would be like. Make it as realistic as possible and take in everything that you see whilst you imagine it. Your surroundings, your feelings and thoughts. Once the ten minutes are up, think about what you imagined and why. Why was this an envisage of your perfect life? What was within it that you want but don’t have now. What do you need to do to get there?

6. Write all of this down too and place this somewhere where you will see it all the time. This will be your daily reminder, as well as your daily motivation.

After following these steps, things should start to feel clearer and less confusing as to what your mind and heart feels passionate about. You will slowly start picturing and planning a goal to work towards which makes you feel driven and inspired.


16 thoughts on “Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

    1. Exactly. It helps put all our thoughts and emotions into perspective. Which in turn helps us work towards what we wish to accomplish, as it’s like a ‘vision board’, as we can see how we feel, and what we need. Thank you for your comment, you summed it up 🙂

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