A Post On Seasonal Affective Disorder Coming Soon!

So over here on Mindelate, I’ll be discussing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in depth, since we are at the time of the year where this disorder wreaks its havoc. (Although it can also happen in the warmer seasons too).

However, before that, I wanted to know first hand experiences from all those who who suffer from SAD reading this post. I feel like it’ll be a great way to shed some transparency on this topic, if you all share your stories and experiences of it in the comments below.

It’ll be a lovely way for us all to connect too!

A few questions you can answer:

  • When were you diagnosed with SAD?
  • How long have you had it for?
  • What are the symptoms that you experience?
  • How do you better cope with the symptoms? And is there any coping methods you would recommend to others?
  • What are your thoughts on SAD light therapy/SAD lamps? If you’ve used them, then has the effect been positive?
  • Do you feel like there is enough awareness about SAD?
  • Is there anything specific about SAD that you would like me to discuss or highlight in the upcoming post?

Waiting for your answers! ❤️


10 thoughts on “A Post On Seasonal Affective Disorder Coming Soon!

  1. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in the late Seventies. I’ve never been diagnosed with SAD…I don’t need a doctor’s diagnoses to know I have it. Just as soon as the days begin to shorten I feel the depression closing in on me. I battle my depression with exercise and writing. At one time I took mood elevating drugs but I find I am able to live with it through walking or biking during sunlit hours of the day and through writing about everything but depression. I try to eat a healthy diet but I’m not sure it enhances my mood…actually a good greasy hamburger enhances my mood. I don’t think people take SAD or clinical depression seriously…as a true disease. I look forward to reading your series.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your personal experiences battling depression. And yes, ironically just like love, when you know..you know. I too was never diagnosed, but I knew what I was feeling and the insidiousness of what it was. I’m very happy to hear that you have discovered and honed on your own coping habits. Healthy eating highly recommended, but so is going easy on yourself and allowing a cheat meal for self comfort and self love. That’s why your greasy burger enhances your mood 😄. Exercise and writing are excellent and proactive ways of coping and keeping depression under control and their both forms of mental, physical and emotional release methods.

      Yes, unfortunately that’s why Mindelate was born. Because mental health in general is not taken seriously and is highly stigmatised and downplayed or ‘swept under the rug’. That’s okay though, people like me will keep banging on about it 😬.

      I look forward to you reading my post!

  2. I haven’t been diagnosed specifically with SAD, but I have been diagnosed with cyclothymia, a major part of which is depression, and I feel that it gets much worse in the colder, darker months. One of the ways in which I’ve tried to cope is to find more winterish activities I enjoy. It can be something winter-related, or just something I enjoy inside. It certainly doesn’t completely get rid of it, but it does help. Also, keeping up my healthy eating and exercising helps, as it does with my depression in general. Looking forward to reading your post!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and coping methods Maya, it will help others in a similar boat who are looking for advice. Pursuing hobbies and activities are both healthy forms of distractions and emotional release, so they are excellent coping methods. Cyclothymia is a type of depression which fluctuates, however as you’ve stated with your own experience, it definately can worsen in winter. Reasons to that which I share on my upcoming post. Thank you again for commenting and I hope my post will be of benefit to you! x

  3. I haven’t actually been diagnosed with SAD but it hit me so hard this yearm I actually wrote a post about it. Winter’s depression – as I like to call it – really takes a toll on me and I can’t wait to see the sun again!

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