Welcome to my blog! My name is Shahenaj Khan and I am a 25 year old london born, cat loving, soul searching, whimsical introvert (you can breathe now). I love reading, writing, and connecting with people on a deeper level. Topics such as psychology, the human mind, the soul and all things that you can never quite know everything about fascinate me.

Self understanding has always had me curious, but it was something that I felt I needed to develop throughout different stages of my life. During my happy times and during my not so happy times, I realised that no matter what was happening to me externally, my reaction or response to it kind of relied on how much I knew myself. And so pondering on these experiences, while observing other people’s experiences, has broadened my understanding of human nature and of our emotions. Of our vices and our strengths. I feel that our self worth is dependent on how deeply we understand ourselves. I believe that with this understanding, a healthy form of self love develops, as well as self respect, confidence and a comforting sense of self acceptance.

This is why I decided to share what I have learnt and what I feel through this blog. With the hope that it reaches as many hearts and minds as possible. With the anticipation that we can all connect with each others emotions, and with our journey of self discovery and understanding.


Watch this space! xoxo